GQ and Editorial Intelligence’s 100 Most Connected Men 2014

GQ and Editorial Intelligence have joined forces in partnership with Jaguar for the first time to compose a list of the 100 Most Connected Men in the UK. The winners and nominees were chosen based upon the men’s influence through business, social media, PR, politics, sports and culture. A select crowd gathered in the elite Groucho club to discuss the exclusive nature of the modern interpretation of the word “connection”. The panel concluded that networking is far more than just “twirling cocktail sticks for a living.” Julia Hobsbawn of Editorial Intelligence states the following: “This is an unusual list.  It’s not really a ranking nor a hierarchy although Piers Morgan, being Piers Morgan, tweeted he was number seven. And I had to say to him ‘It ain’t numbers, it’s names’.”

The list is all about showcasing the range of today’s achievers, within the following five categories:

Connectors: these are helpers and givers, who introduce others and bring groups together.
Influencers: these are those who are widely admired, for example sport stars and cultural figures.
Socialites: those who are known for their hospitality and generosity.
Spiders: these are those men who are part of many sectors, for example, agents or spokesmen.
And finally the Leaders: those who are the front of an organisation, they represent their group as well as having a high profile.

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