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Golden Whispers: An interview with Rebecca Eland

Gracing elegant ladies with the most flawless style tips this summer, Rebecca Eland has used her blog, Golden Whispers to emulate a glamorous story of the golden rules of beauty and fashion. In our series of interviews with top fashion bloggers, we recently spoke to the mind behind Golden Whispers about what it takes to be a successful blogger in today’s fast paced industry, how to be confident with your personal style, who she believes are the most stylish female icons of the past and present and finally, she shared with us her top picks for this season at Jules B.

What inspired you to start your blog?

I have worked in and out of blogging for years – I was about 16 when I started my first blog and this was when blogging was a fairly new concept. Coming back into the game this year took a lot of consideration and preparation. I didn’t want to give the industry another ‘blog’, I wanted to create something more than that. Golden Whispers is an industry Edit showcasing ‘golden’ products across beauty and fashion in a really visual way as we shoot a story/narrative for every piece. My wonderful team and I work closely with luxury brands across these sectors and only ever brands and products that I really believe in.

What do you think is the key to a successful blog?

Honestly, the key to a successful ‘blog’ now is not so secret. Instagram is almost entirely responsible in allowing me to build a relevant and strong following for Golden Whispers and it is actually an extension of the site- as much work goes into Instagram as it does on the website itself! Other than social media, contacts are crucial if you want to work with brands and I am very lucky to be able to work with some very exciting people. Successful blogs and websites take time and Golden Whispers is only in its infancy and so I can’t wait to see how the site develops and adapts as the following increases more and more.

Do you have any tips for future fashion graduates who are looking to work in the industry?

It’s a long game. Nothing happens overnight and you should never expect to just be handed anything in life. Be clever about building connections, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and once you get it work bloody hard to stay at the top!

Who are your style icons?

 Golden Whispers is created for women who want to feel fabulous and ‘golden’ whether they are sat in bed reading the morning paper, out walking the dogs or attending the Met Gala. This influence stems from a combination of the ‘New’ Hollywood era; women like Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren X with the age of the 80’s swimsuit model; Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer. For me a style icon is someone truly comfortable in themselves and who emulates sensuality and beauty without really trying too hard. My modern day icons are Margot Robbie who we can agree is nailing it every time at the moment and Rosie Huntington Whitely who taught me all I know about Airport dress codes.

How would you describe your personal style?

 I like minimalism and classic tones, the bulk of what I wear day to day – lots of white shirts, soft camels and tailored blacks. I like quality pieces and only ever dress for myself. I do have a weakness for show stopping evening gowns and I like to bring a sense of fun to my look with accessories – I will be the first to pick up the fluffy blue clutch bag or a pair of bubblegum pink sunglasses and I collect vintage chokers.  Accessories you can change up season to season but I like to keep the staples the same.

What are your top picks from this season at Jules B?

I absolutely love the new season collections at Jules B. Right now I am in Brigitte Bardot mode where it comes to clothes as I am preparing a wardrobe for Italy totally inspired by her looks. Therefore my must-have pieces are the Velvet by Graham and Spencer black lace dress which I would wear off the shoulders, the Lulu Guiness Carrie bag (which we shot for Golden Whispers) and the Toga Pulla white loafers which I am lusting over for roaming the back streets of Venice. I also adore the Gr1ps sport wear brand- there are so many pieces I need!

What are the top five wardrobe essentials that every woman needs?

Every woman should own a crisp white shirt and keep it as crisp and white as possible! Other than that I count black lace lingerie, an oversized leather clutch bag, wool camel coat and a versatile pair of kicks amongst my key pieces- I wear Nike trainers everywhere but always keep a good pair of stilettos in my desk!