Garlic & Ginger Beef Gourmet Sandwich

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, with it comes the annual present buying panic and obligatory Father’s Day visits which all inevitably leads to Sunday lunch. Well, this year, Jules B have your Father’s Day recipe needs covered, to help take control of this year’s celebrations and cook your way into making this day truly special – whilst all importantly showing off your culinary skills!

Serving up a lunchtime surprise, why not impress with something different whilst indulging in a culinary treat? The Garlic and Ginger Beef Gourmet Sandwich is sure to impress any gourmet-loving Dad whilst being a simple dish for innovative home cooking. Created by professional food blogger Kate Quinn Davies in her blog What Katie Ate, this dish combines classic rump steak with grilled sourdough bread and fresh rocket and then seasons with homemade steak marinade, balsamic mayo and caramelised onions, to make a rustic dish that’s bound to be an instant savory hit this Father’s Day.

Simply follow the recipe below for this delicious dish, or for extra Father’s Day cooking ideas click here to try out more gourmet Man-wiches. | @JulesBOnline