Gareth Pugh + Melissa

Known for being one of the youngest, most successful, and talented designers of the fashion scene to date, Pugh has always sparked an interest in the fashion industry leading designers all over the world wanting to do collaboration with him – most importantly Pugh working with Melissa. They started out their partnership in spring 2012 for their first collaboration; however Pugh had previously incorporated Melissa into his second show at London Fashion Week where he featured their boots in his runway show which was something that had never been seen on the catwalk before. Gareth Pugh celebrated his 10th anniversary of his career with Melissa and launched his exhibition at the Galleria Melissa London on the 10th February. The successful partnership of both of them have brought many iconic Melissa shoes to the scene and have become so high in demand that they’ll forever be a statement shoe.

To grab a piece of the action, take a sneak peak at the new spring/summer ’15 Melissa shoes collection at Jules B now and take a step into playful designer-led decadence.