Frieze Art Fair

 London’s most famous contemporary art fair returns for its 12th edition this 2014 . The fair, held at Regents Park between the 15th- 18th October, represents the work and galleries of contemporary art from living artists only making it one of a kind. Talks, artists commissions and film projects make up the event and all of the aspects are highly interactive and performative, encouraging the audience and visitors to engage entirely with the artists and art itself. Beyonce and Jay Z attended the opening night looking suitably artistic. Here are our top 5 pieces!

1. Gallery: Salon 94 x The Smile Face Room 

A whole gallery showcasing work by over 70 artists all featuring the iconic smiley face.

2.  The End by Xiang Jing, 2012

The Chinese sculptress graces the festival with this interesting piece.

3.  Without Him She Had No Mirror by Tracey Emin, 2013

The provocative British artist uses her own personal relationships and experiences to evoke real feelings in her audience.

4. 10 in a Hat by James Lee Byars, 1969/2012

This innovative performance piece features 10 individuals collectively wearing the one garment.

5. Miley/ Lakes and Dinner/ Lakes by Cory Arcangel 

These video installations depict a montage of the notorious pop star and a plate of nachos paired with a shimmering water effect.

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