Forty Days Of Dating

Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman are both graphic designers based in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Friends for years, they both realised they repeatedly fall into the same relationship pattern with whoever they date. Jessica is a hopeless romantic who tends to jump into relationships quickly whereas Timothy is the ultimate commitment-phobe and has been known to date multiple girls at the same time. There is a theory that it only takes forty days to break a bad habit, so in an attempt to understand why their previous relationships have fallen short of expectation, Jessica and Timothy decided to go through all the motions of a relationship.

The experiment was to determine if they could help each other overcome their relationship patterns, or if they would each fall back into their respective bad habits. Over the forty days, they each promised to adhere to a set of rules. They agreed to see each other every day, to visit a couples therapist once a week, to document everything that happened using a questionnaire daily, to go on a minimum of three weekly dates, to go away for a weekend and finally, to see each other exclusively. As the experiment began, both were apprehensive about whether or not they were jeopardising their friendship but curiosity got the better of them and the forty days commenced.

The experiment has now been published, everything from the rules to the reasons why as well as the daily questionnaires is yours to read now here. Reading the daily questionnaire is a fantastic insight into their relationship, it’s honest, funny and addictive. Women will read Jessica’s daily posts and relate to her feelings exactly while Timothy’s posts have the same effect on men. Not only are they benefitting from the experiment personally, their experience is an insight for anyone reading it with similar relationship traits.

The website Forty Days Of Dating itself is a graphic marvel, illustrated beautifully throughout, the pair’s talent for design is unquestionable. By the time you finish reading all forty days, you’ll feel as though you know Jessica and Timothy, so rare is it that two people are so painfully and publicly honest about their feelings towards each other. Follow Jessica and Timothy through the highs and lows of their relationship experiment, could you do it?