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Fashion and style icons: The ladies that changed fashion

Iconic is a word that is often overused. However, when it comes to some moments, truly iconic is the only way to describe the lasting impact they leave. Over the years we have seen a number of fashion icons lead the way with new, interesting and exciting styles.

From runway moments and more street-style candids, to pap shots and everything in between, iconic fashion events such as these are about more than the moment they’re captured in. It’s the cultural influence they have on the fashion industry for decades to come that matter more.

Most commonly, fashion icons are created through their trend-setting ability, although in some cases, the fashion itself outlives the person wearing it. We’ve compiled a list of a few influential females in fashion to show you how you can re-create their iconic style with pieces from our latest collection.

Jackie Kennedy

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This is a classic case of cultural influence. Jackie is captured in an iconic pastel shift dress, perfect for picnics in the park, offering an elegant and effortless look. A style we often see mirrored throughout recurring fashion trends, and one that is still prominent today. Jackie Kennedy also made a huge fashion statement in the early 70’s with her large frame sunglasses and classic camel coat. Shop the look:

Audrey Hepburn

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When you think of Audrey Hepburn, it’s only natural to think of the iconic open top car and head scarf combination, the elegant placement of her Quellazaire, or her quintessential black dress and pearls pairing. Re-create the looks that live on.

Victoria Beckham

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We would be mad not to reference to Victoria Beckham aka, Posh Spice, as after all is there anything more iconic than the Spice Girls? Aside from her time with one of the most infamous girl-groups in the world, Victoria Beckham has made many a memorable moment happen with her infamous footballer husband, David Beckham. Never scared to make a statement, Victoria works the shades in all weather paired with classic tailoring or a strong suit. Is there anything Posh Spice can’t do?

Michelle Obama

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There is something about powerful women, and this former first-lady knows just how to dress the part. Bold colours and blazers enable Michelle to emulate power, confidence, comfort and elegance, simultaneously – and you can too. Shop the look:

A recurring style theme throughout these notable ladies’ wardrobes is the accessories that accompany their outfits. Sunglasses add an edge to every outfit and dressing like a powerful woman makes you feel like one too!

Whether you’re looking for an elegant outfit or a powerful fashion statement, we’ve got a catalogue of styles to suit every occasion. Browse our latest designer womenswear collection.