Eton: New Brand Concept

“We have reinvented ourselves, so that you can reinvent your style everyday.”

The iconic menswear brand founded in Sweden 1928, boasts traditional tailoring and mastery. Renowned for their classic shirts and respected for their integrity as a timeless, authentic heritage brand, Eton portray the image of honourable gentlemen with quintessential qualities. Whether you are looking for simplistic tailoring or suave style, Eton menswear emanates expert craftsmanship suited to men with all tastes.

Following the the start of a new year, and celebrating 88 years since the pristine menswear brand was established, Eton are reviving their brand story through a new concept. Whilst sticking to their brand pillars for premium quality, creative innovation, Swedish craftsmanship and style diversity, Eton are aspiring to renew their brand promise as authentic ‘shirt makers’  inspired by elements of Swedish design, by renovating their colour scheme, brand presence and approach to marketing.

Launch Campaign 

“We reinvent ourselves to let men redefine themselves. A new Eton for a new gentleman.” 

Eton SS’16

To complement the new aesthetic, Eton have designed their new brand image to reflect and inspire the ‘New Gentleman’, a modern muse reflecting on self representation and confidence. The new gentleman inspires success, diversity, and refined style.

Along with the trademark seasonal white and Eton blue colourways, Eton have introduced a refreshed palette featuring light blue, dark green, light grey and mustard yellow to adorn their new minimalist packaging, ensuring all focus is on their professional design and character. The new palette echoes across the brand’s offline presence and online channels.

“Who is the new gentleman? He’s undeniably the hard-working professional, but he’s also the sartorial fashion aficionado, as well as the tailored traditionalist, he is the father casually dressed for the weekend and he’s the man outfitted for a night on the town.”

The New Eton

Introducing different washes and textures to the classic wardrobe staple, the denim shirt, Eton has enlivened its denim collection along with seasonal and essential shirting modelled by skateboarder Ali Boulala. The accessories have also experienced an update, adding vibrant colours and patterns into the mix.

Closet No. 6 – ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ dressed up with Ali Boulala

To complement the new designs, since Johan Falik was appointed as head of branding and marketing for Eton last year. As a result the brand’s online and offline presence have been given a huge makeover in order to completely revamp their brand identity “we will keep evolving everywhere and moving forward” Falik happily declares.

“Learn how to dress by the rules and then make your own rules to break. You set the standards, outshine yourself everyday.”

The Launch Campaign Dinner Party

To celebrate and launch the new promotion and branding of Eton, a semi-staged ‘Dinner Party’ was held in January 2016, inviting exclusively hand-picked guests to the event, favoured for their expertise and knowledge in art, design, music, culture, and philosophy. The filmed event captured the spirited discussions that took place -all focused around the subject of Eton. The feature film captured and highlighted the brand’s movement and refreshed ethos.

Closet No. 11 – The ideal summer getaway closet.

To engage the new aesthetic, Eton’s online presence also emulates a new, more refined look. Minimalistic colour blocking and complex software marry together for a sophisticated but delightfully easy to use website, with thorough communication of the new look being echoed throughout all PR and marketing for the brand. Eton has truly experienced a complete branding overhaul reflecting a more contemporay and minimal approach. Hans Davidson, CEO at Eton claims “We are excited to finally share what we have worked so hard for this past year. It is a huge step towards claiming our position as the number one shirt maker on the global market”.

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