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Dr Vranjes: The Art of Scented Decor

Gone are the days when the scented candle was the only way to add fragrance to your home. The art of scented decor has become much more sophisticated with luxurious offerings ranging from an array of home fragrances and diffusers, room sprays and as a nod to tradition, scented candles. Our personal favourite is the fragrance diffuser, perfect for any ambience you wish to create the diffuser will effortlessly set the mood and compliment any room in your home.

Location, Location, Location:

The best position for a fragrance within the home is within the central part of the house. For example a hallway or passage so any guest entering your home can capture the fragrance and take the scent in to other rooms. To keep your house smelling its best we suggest you decorate your home with a range of different fragrances reflecting the room they are situated in. Look after your home fragrance by ensuring it is not placed in direct sunlight or near heat sources to ensure you get the recommended longevity out of your product.

Using Your Fragrance:

How to use your sticks and how many times to turn them depends entirely on personal preference. When using a diffuser for the first time, we recommend you place the sticks into the fragrance bottle and turn after 30 – 60 minutes and then turn them to fully coat the sticks in fragrance. After the first use you can turn the sticks once or twice a day depending on the desired intensity of the fragrance. It is important to use all the fragrance sticks as usually they are specially calculated to provide a constant scent through the absorption by capillarity.  Decreasing the number of sticks in a diffuser can cause evaporation through the neck of the fragrance bottle.

Re-use the reeds:

When the fragrance is evaporated and the sticks are dry they can be used in drawers, closets, drawers and so forth as they will continue to diffuse the fragrance. Sticks can usually be reused with a refill of the same fragrance but we suggest after two uses the sticks will need replacing.