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Designers To Know: Valentino by Mario Valentino

In 1952, Mario Valentino opened his first studio in Naples, Italy. Since then the brand has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of leather goods and is loved by fashion enthusiasts across the globe. First named “Valentino” after founder Vincenzo Valentino, the name was changed when Mario, Vincenzo’s son, took over the company. Vincenzo was a master cobbler and made shoes for members of high society including the King of Italy.

Under Mario’s direction the brand became even bigger and better, recognised for its bold and bright – yet extremely wearable – designs. Each accessory is carefully considered throughout the design process to ensure that it is fashionably timeless and of a premium quality. The brand takes inspiration from its heritage as well as current trends and colour palettes in order to create a versatile collection of bags that can be worn year after year.

Mario believes that a luxury product is dependent on a quality design, premium materials and expert attention to detail, but most importantly the feeling that it gives the customer when they wear their bag. Each accessory has been beautifully crafted with this end result in mind and with the intention of making luxury affordable.

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