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Designers to Know: Twisk

Exciting and unconventional men’s luxury shoe brand Twisk is new to the market and exclusively sold by Jules B. These weird and wonderful shoes are beautifully designed in the UK and lovingly handcrafted in Italy, designed to live as far outside the box as you do.

Created by a renowned British designer who wishes to remain anonymous and let the shoes do the talking, Twisks are the perfect footwear for men who are exuberant, brilliant, creative and unconventional. Every Twisk shoe is crafted from top quality materials in a process involving around 280 steps, dyed by hand with brushed effects that are created by overlapping layers of polish. Each style bears the brand’s five-point star symbol through rock’n’roll details such as buckles and studs, whilst a distinctive toe shape provides an iconic silhouette.

‘At Twisk we believe that shoes should never be average, design should always inspire, materials should speak volumes, and only shoes should be put in boxes, not people. Designed by a British shoe designer and handmade by Italian master craftsmen, our shoes are brilliantly unconventional and beautifully unique – just like the men who wear them.’

To make a statement with every outfit and express your personality and character through your style, Twisk shoes are a must.

Explore the collection online at Jules B today.