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Designers To Know: Toolally

Yorkshire jewellery brand Toolally has been taking the fashion industry by storm with their architecural, retro inspired earrings and necklaces. Their creative jewellery designs are a bold statement: a fusion of art and fashion and a sure head turner, no matter where you are.

These beautiful handcrafted accessories are a combination of retro and glamour, and everyone seems to want a slice of this fashion pie. “Our choices are not dictated by trends, but rather what looks beautiful.” – Mags Walker.

Fashion is art, and art isn’t supposed to be quiet. Toolally pride themselves on creating jewellery that speaks out and is expressive in its own right. I believe that each woman is piece of artwork themselves, regardless of the other factors that society deem ‘important.’ We all have the right to express ourselves in any way that we choose, and Toolally make it just that little bit easier. Any outfit choice can be made bold, beautiful and brave by complementing it with a pair of Citrus Art Deco Chandelier earrings, or a Sapphire Boatman necklace.

Those over at Toolally pride themselves on creating accessories that go beyond what’s expected; they’re loud and colourful  and unapologetic, which has been a breath of fresh air for those involved in the fashion industry, and the general public alike. Only 6 months into the beginning of their adventure, Toolally were featured in London’s Vogue magazine, with Lara Stone modelling the accessories and Mario Testino handling the shoot, a huge achievement for the brand.

They’re not willing to slow down any time soon though, and we wouldn’t want them to either. They’re taking each achievement and working on ways to better themselves to make the next one even greater. First a spread in Vogue, next time the cover perhaps? It’s completely possible and that’s what fuels the team with such positivity and excitement.

I can only imagine the awesome vibe Toolally’s Yorkshire studio must generate on a day to day basis. Drawing inspiration from the colours, shapes and textures that surround them, the creative possibilities are endless when you have an imagination and ethos like those involved in the brand.

Each piece of jewellery is designed and handcrafted right here in the UK, a combination of an artistic eye and a method to create unique Perspex ‘gemstones’. They also include recycled plastic in their creations, which is helpful to the world in its own way. Perspex is extremely light which opens up many more possibilities for the designers, allowing them to be as big and as bold as they want to be with their decisions, and still enable the jewellery to be comfortable to wear.

Creative director Mags Walker combines her passion for fashion with studio manager Kelly’s artistic talent, and together they are the ultimate dream team along with everyone else who is involved in the designing and making of these gorgeous creations. These earrings and necklaces are an adorable celebration of everything unique in this world, and I can’t wait to see where they take their brand next.

Written by Shanon O’Donovan