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Designers To Know: Solace London

Dramatically crafted silhouettes that accentuate the feminine physique, Solace London has experienced early success with popularity from retailers and celebrities. We celebrate this contemporary brand as it takes the fashion industry by storm.

The creative duo, Ryan Holliday-Stevens and Laura Taylor, have many years of experience working together in retail and design. It was their in-store experience that led to Solace London, discussing style and fit with their customers they began to understand how to obtain a look that makes women feel comfortable and confident.

“…a focus on construction, craftsmanship and attention to detail.” 

This partnership has an eye for detail and epitome knowledge of the fashion industry that has let them produce modern pieces that boast unique qualities. A rare combination of minimalist and dynamic design, they create timeless garments which allow the wearer to interject as sense of self to their outfit. It is with cleverly  thought out collections that they have managed this, featuring versatile dresses and interchangeable separates, a range of outfits can be shaped from a just a few pieces. This consideration of individuality is the reason the brand has become loved by fashionista celebrities like Kendal Jenner, Emily Ratajikowski and Rachel McAdams, to only name a few. Each adorn their Solace London garments differently, representing their personal style in an effortless manner.

Less concerned about embellishing their dresses, the best-friend designers focus on structure and silhouette leading to not only innovative design but clothing which favors the female body.  The pair take an extensive interest in the manufacture of their fabric, a close relationship with the mills means they can be involved in developing and manipulating materials to produce cutting-edge textiles.

Solace London has an invigorating approach to women’s clothing, with a focus on fit and empowering women through dress, but also being at the forefront of the industry by pushing the boundaries for contemporary design.