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Designers to know: Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait was launched in 2013 by Central St. Martins graduate Han Chong, and since then, it’s been a whirlwind of an experience for the team. In just two years, Han Chong propelled his label to a level that many take years to achieve. The label’s collection tows the line between crisp androgyny and soft girlish silhouettes, the results being a fusion of edgy sophistication and feminine charm.

Each garment in their collection makes a statement: it’s bold and unapologetic whilst maintaining a ladylike manner. Taking classic and timeless style and putting a modern twist on it, producing eye-catching cocktail dresses, breathtakingly beautiful skirts and perfectly structured T-Shirts. Han Chong voiced that he wanted to be able to make fashion that was special, but nonetheless accessible.

A favourite in celebrity circles, Self Portrait has been sported by everyone from Rosie Huntington Whiteley to Beyonce but Han Chong insists that his fashion goals exceed even beyond that; he wants his creations to be special to both celebrities and members of the public. Speaking in an interview, he explained that it was important to him to create abstract fashion at affordable prices, so that anybody could enjoy what his heart and mind could create.

Using partly lined lace, hand-cut embroidery and sheer overlays, Chong cleverly marries frothy femininity with sleek silhouettes, meaning there’s a dress to suit both girlie girls and tomboys. There is quite literally something for everyone within Self-Portrait’s designs, regardless of style preference, wealth and even celebrity status.

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Written by Shanon O’Donovan.

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