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Designers to Know: Pampeano

Pampeano means ‘from La Pampa’, a wild region of Argentina renowned for its stunning panoramic views and sun-drenched estancias.

In the polo fields of central Argentina the Pampeano brand was born, inspired by South America’s rich heritage of horsemanship and traditional leather work. The brand began by creating expertly crafted hand-woven leather polo belts, which they provided to teams with their colours. Though the brand has evolved over time, its roots remain central to its designs and manufacturing, with Pampeano’s exquisite leather goods being treasured by those that appreciate the simplicity, beauty and freedom of the South American lifestyle.

Quality and craftsmanship is at the heart of every Pampeano product, with each belt being crafted using traditional artisan techniques. Only premium-grade leather is used, which is hand-selected in Argentina for its thickness and beautifully smooth surface. Through a traditional process of tanning and tumbling, the leather becomes butter-soft for that signature feel.

Each unisex belt features hand woven detailing in vibrant colours, with the silhouette of the Andes Mountains inspiring the iconic diamond shaped design. These authentic South American leather belts are stylish, versatile and enduring and will become a staple accessory in your wardrobe for years to come.

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