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Designers to Know: Lovebullets

A favourite to dedicated festival goers and celebrity trendsetters, Lovebullets has taken the world of jewellery and accessories by storm since it was brought to life back in 2008 at the acclaimed festival, Glastonbury. With an ethos of ‘transforming items of destruction into works of art’,  the brand reconstructs brass bullet caps into pieces of jewellery to rewrite the ideology and negativity that such materials can have on the world today. Inspired by an imaginative story written by the creative director of the brand, Martin Jegede, Lovebullets surrounds the concept of five ‘love creatures’ who remove evilness from destructive weapons and replaces them with powerful and beautiful qualities to subvert the already perceived symbolism and create a new revolutionary outlook on jewellery.

As we move into the Autumn/Winter season, here at Jules B we have explored Lovebullets further to celebrate the brand’s new wave vision of how to accessorise your latest ensemble with character and taste.

 Taking materials from the rawness of brass bullets shells to desirable sterling silvers and outstanding gold pieces, the brand ensures that each jewel has been designed and handcrafted to the best quality possible  in the UK by a team of expert artisans. However, to maintain an edgy aesthetic and to stay current in today’s jewellery market, the brand has taken these war artillery materials and given them new lives by combining them with innovative tassels, lavish gems and colourful drawstrings to create fabulously crafted jewellery.

 With an extensive celebrity following including the likes of Pixie Geldof, Jameela Jamil and Jess Glynne, Lovebullets has gained admiration across the globe with their free spirited and artistic attitude which has allowed them to make an established name for themselves within the world of accessories and receive great exposure across social media.

Celebrating the place where their fashion forward brand was born, every year in June, the Lovebullet team hold an event at the Lovebullets HQ at Glastonbury festival. Intending to apply a unique approach to their signature nightclub every year, this year the iconic event was called the LBHQ ‘Million Bullet Club’ which consisted of a nightclub which has been decorated with one million shot gun cartridges. If that wasn’t interesting enough, the nightclub also played the worlds finest underground music and showcased music from upcoming independent record labels to celebrate individuality, hedonism, unity and to ultimately reflect the core values of the brand itself.

A playful yet urban piece to be worn on both casual days and dressed up evenings, shop the Lovebullets collection online at Jules B today.