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Designers To Know: Les 100 Ciels

The perfect fusion of function and style, Les 100 Ciels is the must have knitwear label for the autumn/winter season.

Les 100 Ciels (French for The Hundred Skies) pride themselves on their ability to envision, design and create items of clothing that are loyal to women in all aspects. They create wearable clothing that features luxurious cashmere at the heart of every collection, and they promise to deliver high quality, affordable pieces that can be any woman’s go to, regardless of the occasion.

Les 100 Ciels focus on the philosophy of timelessness and simplicity, finding the beauty in something so simple and ensuring that beauty is clear for all to see. Their versatile range ensures that there is something for every woman, which is why this brand has created such a buzz on the fashion scene. They offer essential wardrobe pieces for all women, regardless of age or background, complimented by high fashion styles.

Their designs are built upon a core of classic silhouettes which acts as the foundation for their creative process. From there, they combine with contemporary fashion styles every season to create a range that is modern and on trend, whether it’s early in the morning and you’re off to work, or it’s late in the evening and you’re going out for dinner.

Sure the items look good, but what about the quality? You need not ask. Les 100 Ciels promise that their items are a balance of classic styling and carefully considered detailing, amplified by using their high quality raw yarns sourced from their own goat farms in Inner Mongolia. Each design is created with such intricate detail, ensuring that it is high in quality. Les 100 Ciels want each of their designs to be around for a lifetime, so the team even offer guidance, advice and tools on how to keep your item full of life for longer.

This fashion squad are a combination of mature experience and fresh young assistants with many things in common, the main thing being the desire to create fashion that simply won’t let you down. The French designer behind the brand took inspiration from Chinese Poetry when on the road to developing Les 100 Ciels, encouraging the idea of infinity, this brand focused on a philosophy of understated luxury, taking inspiration from the simplicity of nature and the ever-changing characteristics of the sky, (The Hundred Skies) and combining it with a passion for quality and designs.

Les 100 Ciels are truly all-encompassing cashmere advocates who take time with each process of their designing, creating and selling. They promise their buyers that close attention is paid to the finer details during the development of their styles, which ensures impeccable craftsmanship and the idea that each item is special to them, and not just simply ‘another one.’ Every collection should be beautiful and ethically made, that’s the brand’s belief, and to ensure this, they pride themselves on fusing style with substance.

Written by Shanon O’Donovan