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Designers to Know: K-Way

In 1965 Paris, the rain is pouring and Leon-Claude Duhamel watches as irked Parisians dart through the streets, trying to stay dry. After observing the needs of his peers, he realises he has the solution and the original lightweight, nylon pac-a-mac is born – along with iconic outerwear brand K-Way.

Duhamel created a simple, unisex jacket from nylon with a pocket to the front. The pocket, while convenient for keeping keys and wallets dry, also allowed the jacket to tuck into itself. The innovative founder capitalised on this functionality by adding an elastic band to the pocket, allowing the packed jacket to be worn around the waist.

He called the jacket “En cas”, French for “in case”, simultaneously alluding to the perpetual chance of rain and the jacket’s self-stowing pocket. “En cas” soon evolved to “En-K”, a nickname which was further modified to appeal to a wider, international audience. “K-Way” sounded distinctly American – perfect for a sporty jacket that maximised freedom and mobility.

K-Way is the modern raincoat. Though the brand may have come a long way in over 50 years, the packable jacket remains to be representative of freedom and flexibility. K-Way jackets encourage you to live your life and say “yes” to adventure, no matter the weather.

Available in a range of styles and bold shades for an on-trend retro look, the K-Way jacket is the perfect lightweight and waterproof option to stay stylish and protected against the elements.

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