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Designers To Know: Geox

Founded 25 years ago by Mario Moretti Polegato, the discovery was made that piercing the rubber soles of shoes would allow feet to breathe and optimise comfort, thus becoming Geox’s inaugural breathable system. With continuous innovation and experimentation, Geox have perfected high-tech solutions for apparel and footwear for all environments and situations with impeccable energy, care and attention to detail. Taking their name from the Greek word for earth, ‘Geo’ and combining it with the letter ‘X’ as a symbol for their advanced technology and research implemented in Italian laboratories, the brand literally means ‘Earth Technology’ and prides itself on working together with people to create collections that work in harmony with people’s lifestyles, striving for ethical and environmental sustainability. Including specialist collections Nebula and Amphibiox, Geox products breathe and walk all around the world with a unique balance between contemporary style and long lasting functionality.

An evolutionary take on the concept of breath-ability, the Nebula collection offers unique 3D breathing engineering for the entire foot. Nebula breathes in three dimensions with the aid of the Net breathing system that protects the feet by having extra-large perforations in the sole and the Inner breathing system which is a special interior lining with free space between the foot and shoe facilitating the natural process of the bodies temperature regulation and keeps feet feeling fresh and dry. Created to walk the world with no boundaries, Nebula provides extraordinary comfort in the form of flexibility, cushioning, stability and grip giving the feeling of walking on a cloud with designs to suit everyone with a sport led style.

Defending against the varied climatic conditions of modern living, the Amphibiox collection focuses on performance outerwear footwear with a contemporary urban style. The collection boasts a  waterproof technology making it durable and the perfect choice for all weathers with designs suitable for everyone ranging from sporty looks to casual and smarter requisites influenced by Italian design that are guaranteed to exude flawless style with outstanding functionality and ease of wear.

In addition to the high performance, breathable footwear, Geox are also the pioneers of ‘the jacket that breathes’. Designed to deal with increased body transpiration, the clothing works on the principle of convection which allows warm air to pass through a unique space in the underneath of the jackets padding moving upwards through breathing tape in the shoulders.. the original Geox system! Offering great versatility the Geox apparel line has a wide range of Italian inspired fashion that has timeless appeal and lasting quality