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Designers To Know: Fynch-Hatton

Fynch-Hatton is a menswear brand inspired by many things; a strong history in the textile industry, the beautiful African culture and the life of adventurer Denys Finch Hatton. These elements come together in the label’s diverse collection of luxury men’s clothing and accessories.

“A brand that everyone can afford without having to miss out on the quality and style that premium brands offer.”

In 1998, Germany, Roger Brandts launched Fynch-Hatton with the vision to produce fine quality menswear for the middle market. Brandts was raised in the textile industry, moreover, his ancestors were pioneers for the weaving business. As a young boy he was mesmerised by the intricate designs made by the loom in his Grandfather’s factory and, although he didn’t stay in the weaving industry, the incentive for meticulous workmanship and premium materials has remained.

During his studies, Brandts traveled to South Africa for a textile internship, he was utterly inspired by the vibrant culture and people. Whilst he was there his came to learn about Denys Finch Hatton, a man who loved free-will and independence. Depicted in the Oscar-winning film adaption by Robert Redford, Denys was born a British aristocrat but moved to Kenya where he became a legend of his lifetime. Fynch-Hatton embraces the open-mind and freedom Denys advocated for – “he did what he believed in, and this makes him a real inspiration for the brand”. His spirit is showcased through the resistant materials, unique aesthetics and luxury feel of the brand’s clothes.

Beginning with knitwear, Fynch-Hatton has expanded over the last two decades to produce handsome shirts, coats and jackets and smart trousers, and continue to use only the finest yarns and materials, natural fibres, such as long-staple cotton, lambswool, cashmere, linen and silk are combined for luxurious look and feel. Fynch-Hatton places focus on precision in production, their handsome knitwear is fully fashioned and finished by hand, which results in the perfect fit. A distinctive element of the label’s collection is their unique colour combination; the rich tones and handsome patterns encapsulate the interplay of light and hues seen in the African landscape, this, mixed with sharp silhouettes and handsome details, makes for a capsule wardrobe to dress every modern man.

Each piece crafted by Fynch-Hatton is infused with superior quality. They pride themselves on the strong relationships with their suppliers and employees; a stable partnership not only makes for reliable product finishes, but an excellent wellbeing to all those connected to the brand. To ensure this, Fynch-Hatton regularly works with Welthungerhilfe, a charity fighting against global hunger and also places emphasis on the sustainability of the brand, continually analysing and improving their environmental impact.

We are delighted to bring you the superb collection from Fynch-Hatton. As the label develops into an international brand, it still holds onto it’s core values – to provide affordable and durable premium menswear, to work sustainably and ethically and, finally, to embrace a free spirit and life in their own style.