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Designers To Know: Eton

With a prestigious history in shirt making, Eton create traditional and innovative men’s shirting with the modern gent at the forefront of the design process. Ranging from cutaway, button down and sharp tab collars to patterned, plain and printed fabrics, the team at Eton are dedicated to perfection. Having recently re-vamped their brand concept, we spoke to the label’s design team to find out more about the Eton man and what sets the brand apart from the rest.

Who is the Eton customer?

The Eton man is spread across all age groups. We strive for diversity in style within our different lines but a common denominator is probably a thinking man who makes an active decision to choose quality over quantity.

What sets Eton shirts apart from the everyday cotton option?

The way we finish our fabric in the majority part of our range (those shirts that include a Blue Ribbon inside the collar) is what sets Eton shirts apart. These shirts are treated in a special way in Switzerland that make them wrinkle resistant resulting in a shirt that stays nice and crisp all day.

What influences you when designing menswear for the modern man?

Since we are specialists in shirting we tend to always strive to perfect the shirt making process. We are probably our own worst enemy always questioning what we do and how we do it. But this is how we are able to stay innovative and maintain the highest quality. The influences come from within ourselves, our customers and the end consumer. Feedback is very important to us. Looking at it through the fabric design perspective our mood boards tend to reflect the environment close to home. The last one we did was for Spring/Summer ’17 and the mood was Swedish summer!

The label recently adopted a new brand concept, how will we see this reflected in the collection?

The collection is more diverse than ever. We introduce 5 conceptual closets to really show that Eton caters for any man at any occasion. For the end consumer it will be easier to find what he or she is looking for. We have worked harder on the segmentation of each line.

What are the key trends for the spring/summer ‘16 line?

Business micro prints for a subtle and modern office look, bold prints in rich colours for the more daring man and denim shirts in various shades. Men seem to love the versatility of a denim shirt. With the SS16 collection we are also introducing short sleeve shirts for the first time. We wanted to create a shirt that could replace the t-shirt. That is why fit and quality were so important to get that super soft and comfortable feel.

Eton is a brand that is always striving to better their own product, what is next for the Eton brand?

We will continue trying to become better at what we already do. Recently our ownership shifted to one of the biggest private equity groups in Scandinavia, (EQT) so we will be investing heavily across all fields of operations. There is a mentality at Eton to always improve, not just in the product but also how we do business with our retailers and how we meet the consumer’s needs. We are entering a very exciting future indeed. 

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