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Designers To Know: DL1961

DL1961 is a New York based company that specialises in delivering only the highest quality denim. Renowned for their passionate approach to denim, DL1961 have become one of the best denim manufacturers, defining themselves with a unique luxury edge. Focusing on technologically advanced fabrics that will not only make you look but feel good and comfortable, the luxury denim label promise that each and every one of their styles will leave you feeling and looking your best as well as completely renewing the way you look at and wear denim. As well as being popular amongst people whom value premium quality, sustainable denim, DL1961 sees a host of celebrities and famous names of all kinds of industries adorning they look in the label’s stylish denim pieces – which leads to many style influences and acknowledgement.

 DL1961 value sustainability and believe that eco-friendly materials and techniques are crucial in producing their high-end collections. The luxury label strictly use eco-friendly fibres that require significantly less water, dye and energy in comparison to traditional denim manufacturing meaning that you are assured your denim is economically friendly and does less harm to the environment. The label’s main production fibres include pure cotton, hybrid elastane, eco-friendly modal and mild elastane which hold essential qualities including softness, superior stretch, durability and natural breathability.

 When it comes to composition, the company take on yet another innovative approach to offer people slip into the most comfortable pair of jeans yet. With a special mix of fibres that are constructed with exclusive weaves, these produced denim pieces provide a meticulously seamless fit 98% shape retention, 360 degree movement and instant lifting, lengthening and sculpting abilities making these staples the ultimate multi-tasking hybrids. Not only do they ensure superior comfort, these jeans will help you look slimmer and keep your shape at its best effortlessly.

To finish off the luxury feel of these denim pieces, DL1961 stick to their exclusive technique which composes of combining newest technology with classic, hand finished craftsmanship where each pair of jeans is expertly sanded, distressed and ripped-and-repaired. Being a company of holding strong passion for delivering the highest quality pieces that are sustainable, comfortable, well-fitting and most importantly, incredibly stylish, these jeans are a must-have companion in your everyday life that can complete your off-duty as well as professional attires in instant.

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