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Designers To Know: Bellroy

The newly-founded men’s accessory innovators, Bellroy, introduce wallets designed to appeal to the minimalist who desires more accessibility, diversity and comfort while being able to enjoy lightweight, slim design. Introducing their first men’s wallet in 2010, the label never understood why people would put up with the discomfort of a thick wallet in their pockets, and were dedicated to developing a product that leaves more room in your pocket at the same time as offering a practical and considered design.

Ranging from phone-cases to wallets, passport-carriers to note sleeves, Bellroy make easy work of keeping track of all of your essentials. The classic struggle of finding your keys when you are in a rush will be more a less gone with one of these beautiful slim-line designs.

There is an item for each situation, “Have you got a pen?”, “of course” is not a common response to that question, but with one of these wallets, the design is suited to make sure you are on top of all your items, including room for pens and other gadgets, saving you that extra bit of time.

‘Time is Money’ they say, and the amount of time you save using a Bellroy-made wallet is more than enough to make up for what you pay. Shop the Bellroy collection online at Jules B now.