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Designers To Know: Baracuta

One of the top well known designers for iconic Harrington jackets with a British appeal, Baracuta has been designing and manufacturing top quality jackets for men and women since 1937. From a small business in England to the world known brand, Baracuta started exporting to United States and Canada in 1950 where they were noticed by timeless icons such as Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen. First ready to wear collection in collaboration with Tom Gilbey upraised in 1971 where the brand grew in rapid success and is still growing today.

The cultural icon was born when Elvis Presley worn the Harrington G9 jacket by Baracuta in the silver screen film King Creole (1958). The jacket then became popular amongst teenagers as many stars bought into the trend. From then jacket discovered its own nickname, the Harrington jacket. The iconic G9 jacket is still available for purchase today and has a historical appeal to it that will always remain one of the most successful designs. The brand is acknowledged around the world for exceptional quality and timeless design.

A brand with a true historical background and a lifelong story, Baracuta keeps a special place for their iconic styles including the G9, G4 and G10 that will remain timeless and forever admirable.

Collections have upraised and the brand presented many jackets incorporating iconic styles with new and innovative ideas for the public of today. For those of love for true British heritage, the brand is ideal. Traditional and classic designs are enhanced by contemporary details and technical fabric for the ultimate British look.

Collections change from season to season, however Baracuta always goes back to tradition and aims for the highest quality with their renewed yet recreated jackets to keep up the brand’s tradition. Baracuta jackets are wearable throughout the seasons round from lightweight bomber jackets to heavy duty raincoats.

We are pleasured to be bringing you the Baracuta collection, from a brand who values tradition and innovation with a British heritage background.