David Bowie: The Best Dressed Briton

Music legend David Bowie has been named the best dressed Briton in history. Fashion academics and historians came together to nominate the most recognised British fashion icons for the BBC History Magazine, with a public vote deciding the final outcome. Bowie was nominated by British designer Wayne Hemingway who stated ‘Bowie changed youth culture, and had a gift for predicting and anticipating fashion trends, always doing his own thing’. With a poll of 4067 votes, Bowie was named the King of fashion with an overwhelming 48.5 per cent, beating three monarchs Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Alexandra and Henry III to the crown. The flamboyant and androgynous looks of Ziggy Stardust also beat the 18th century socialite and fashion innovator Georgiana Cavendish and dandy George ‘Beau’ Brummell who was said to spend six hours getting ready and insisted his shoes be polished with champagne.

 It has been a successful year for the musician with the release of his first album in over a decade, The Next Day with models Saskia De Brauw and Tilda Swinton featuring in his new music video. His Retrospective exhibition at the V&A became the museums fastest selling exhibition in history, whilst British makeup brand Illamasqua created a tribute Bowie makeup experience. Not forgetting he has recently been named as the star for the new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign. Here are some of our favourite looks from the best dressed Briton…