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Crispy Brie Cheese in Puff Quinoa

For the Cheese:

Brie Cheese – 1Kg (whole cheese)

Panko – 200grms

Flour – N/A (Needed Amount)

Eggs – N/A

Quinoa – 100grms

Olive Oil – 1tbsp

For the Jam:

Mature Plum Tomato – 500grms

Caster Sugar – 125grms

Vanilla Pods – 1unit

Xantan Gum – 1tsp

For The Pickled Sundried Tomato: (prepare the day before)

Cherry Tomato – 1 punnet

Sugar – 100grms

Sherry Vinegar – 100grms

Water – 100grms

For the Garnish:

Thai Basil Cress

For the Cheese:

In a pot bring to boil 1 litre of water, add the olive oil and the Quinoa. Cook along 20 minutes. Once it’s cook drain the water and spread in a tray. Leave it in a warm place to get it completely dry. Mix the Panko with the dried quinoa and reserve until use them.

Cut the cheese into 16 portions with a triangle form.

Panne the cheese into flour, eggs and the mixture of panko and Quinoa.

For the Jam:

Peel the tomatoes and remove the seeds.

Put them in a pot with the sugar and the vanilla pod and cook it until shine and caramelized.

Remove the vanilla pod and blitz in a blender, adding the xantan gum to get a nice gel texture. Pass it through a sieve and let it cool down until use.

For the Pickled sundried Tomato: (start the day before)

Prepare a vinegar syrup boiling the water and sugar. Once it boiled add the vinegar and cool it down until use.

Peel the cherry tomatoes and transfer them in the cold vinegar syrup, macerate them along 24hours. Once macerated drain the tomatoes and place them on a lined oven tray, dry in oven 60C along 5 hours. Reserve until use.

Fry the cheese in vegetal Oil at 200C until crispy and nice brown colour. It is important the oil is hot in order for the dried quinoa to “puff”. Too high temperature and the panco will burn, too low and the quinoa will not puff and stay quite hard. Transfer to an oven 160C for 4 minutes until the interior is soft but still keeping its shape. Season with salt.

Plating with the Jam, 3 Pickled Dry Tomatoes and the Basil Cress.

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