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Commending Copenhagen

There’s something about Scandinavia… the contemporary cafe culture, renaissance architecture, endless gardens and of course, Danish style – often complemented by luscious blonde locks and a bicycle. Danish fashion-followers have the laid-back luxe trend down to a tee. This week, Danes flocked in their sharp sneakers to Denmark’s cool capital, Copenhagen, for the city’s infamous fashion week. Attendees came and most definitely conquered the street-style stakes with their European air at the three-day extravaganza rivaling the likes of London and New York fashion week gatherers which is by no means an easy feat.

On this week’s Stylefile we’ve put together a collection of our favourite and distinctly Scandinavian looks for you to covet. Their style is unavoidably minimal yet with a glamorous quality; a combination we often struggle to bridge the gap between, yet is so elegantly and effortlessly portrayed by the Scandinavians (not only in fashion but in many aspects of their culture). Hemlines are clean, colour palates muted and cuts are relaxed yet oozing sophistication – but just how do they do it?

1.  Masculine Tailoring + Elegant Accessories: a winning combination for slick and sartorial appeal. The cool blue hue gives the outfit a relaxed aura, whilst all risk of looking boyish is banished by chic heels, shapely sunnies and designer bag. For fashion week fanatics, a sultry pout is also a necessity for impromptu snaps.

2. With an average climate between 10 and 20 degrees and a similar weather-situation to British Summer, attendees are required to ensure their look would carry through rain or shine, the answer? Layering, of course. These ladies manage to carry through the trend without making it look fussy by keeping it simple and there’s one thing they have in common: the staple polo neck… a fail-safe basis… and if you’re heading out in a group, you have to synchronize outfits just in case someone blogs about you! If you’re feeling inspired, you can shop our range of tops and coats and jackets online now and pair them together with ease. 

3. Co-ordination is key.  We’ve already seen muted colour combinations, but this time we’re including everything that adorns your stature. Even this attendees golden hair matches her monochromatic theme. Matching your metallics is a must… gold iPhone, anyone?

4. Texture on texture. A quilted Chanel bag, wicker espadrilles, or tasseled flapper dress are sure fire ways to submit to this trend, but some laddered tights do the job in an urban, edgy fashion (see below).

5.  Smart shirting is a must whether it’s a Coachella worthy bo-ho piece, or pretty floral number. Street style showed us that you can tuck almost any blouse design into just about anything, as long as it isn’t fitted! It’s ‘off-duty only’ for Copenhagen. Shop women’ shirts and blouses here.

In sum, the Capital’s fashion week infused sharp with subtle, done with undone, and combines boyish lines with elegant appeal: Copenhagen we applaud.

… and just in case you were thinking it all looks a little too sophisticated, take some characterful inspiration from the image below – someone did indeed sport this Snow Leopard Backpack. At fashion week, anything goes.