Classic Pieces: The Blue Jeans

Every season jeans undergo an identity crisis. They never know if they’re going to be printed, flared, cropped or bleached. While I do believe in the power of new-season denim (especially coloured denim during spring and summer), there’s only one shade for me. The classic blue mid-rise jean will flatter women of all shapes and sizes which is why there is no better pair to invest in. As a self-confessed denim-addict with a collection bigger than I’d care to count (at last check I had eight pairs of blue mid-rise skinny jeans alone), the amount of new-season high-street jeans I’ve tried, tested and rejected over the years certifies my belief that the best pair to invest in is the original classic.

Jeans were originally designed during the 1850s at the height of the California Gold Rush to provide miners with a durable, practical pair of pants. I personally believe that durability and practicality are still two of the most important things to look for when buying a pair of jeans, because it’s not the same as buying a fast-fashion trend, you’re buying an essential wardrobe staple. My favourite denim brands tend to be American; J Brand, AG Jeans and True Religion are all classic labels which each have a heritage story. Each brand puts the fit and wash of the denim first, meaning the craftsmanship of the denim is unrivalled in its production. Buying a pair of jeans from any of these brands is like buying into the brands ethos of classic American denim, you can expect a perfect, flattering fit which will last you for years. And the bonus is that J Brand, AG Jeans and True Religion all embrace new season trends in the form of colour, print and cut, so you can get your favourite fit in both classic blue and new season print. Explore the new season denim collections at Jules B Online now, we have a variety of classic colours and new-season prints to satisfy your denim cravings.  Below is my pick of both classic and new-season pieces. I’m currently lusting after the J Brand Cropped Skinnies

The Classics…

Aubrey Jeans by AG Jeans

Maria Jeans by J Brand

Halle Jeans by True Religion

The Newcomers…

Polka Dot Jeans by AG Jeans

Paisley Jeans by J Brand

Light Pink Halle Jeans by True Religion

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