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Cities Under The Radar

Some of the main reasons travelling appeals is the ability to indulge in new scenery, try out unique cuisine and explore various kinds of culture. Of course, popular cities have their own interests, however for explorers it is crucial to visit even the most underrated cities to find the beauty within destinations that may not be visited often enough. There may be a host of reasons you may not want to explore the ” city underdogs”, yet there is a high chance you are missing out on exquisite architecture, intriguing art, decadent cuisine and neighbourhoods filled with interesting people and unseen cultural aspects. From America’s best underdog destinations to small and underrated places in the Eastern Europe, join us in our Cities Under the Radar blog and you might just discover your next unexpected getaway.

Bergen, Norway

Located on the southwestern coast of Norway, Bergen goes by a working port city that holds a rich seafaring history with colourful wooden houses lined across the old wharf, a truly youthful, energetic atmosphere and a lively musical approach. Perfect for those who seek a bit of nature alongside a true metropolitan charm, Bergen is surrounded by magnificent mountains and fjords including the country’s longest and deepest Sognefjord. Proud of it’s small town charm, rich history and unique cultural traditions, Bergen is the ideal place of looking for museums, art galleries, cultural events and sublime dining opportunities alongside accessible sea and mountain attractions and most importantly – the lively student-led atmosphere that you will be offered at the 900 year old city.

Providence, Rhode Island

Labelled as the most populous city in the U.S, Providence is located in the state of Rhode Island and is proud of being one of America’s older cities. With charming scenery and a great atmosphere, Providence offers sublime culinary as well as hearty street food, brewery and innovative bars. Perfect for people who seek historical neighbourhoods and revitalising waterfront, Providence is everything a great city holds including architectural aspects, the beloved food trucks and pleasant locals.

Gdansk, Poland

One of Poland’s oldest cities, Gdansk is proud of its rich history that goes by a thousand years back and is labelled one of the most important seaports on the Baltic. As well as having visitors drawn to its historic city centre, outstanding museums and marvellous beaches, the city holds a recognition for it’s reconstruction after the World War II that now boasts colourful facades of Long Market which homed a number of intriguing shops and restaurants. When the restaurant and shopping fun is over, Gdansk also offers a centre for the world’s amber trade where you can visit boutiques and the ossified resin as well as beautiful fountains and statues.

Kiruna, Sweden

Located in the far north of Swedish Lapland, Kiruna is a home to the world’s very first ice hotel. If you are a seeker for spectacular scenery and generally enjoy all things winter, this is the perfect destination for you. With a magnificent display during long winter nights and the midnight sun during summer days, the city holds two nearby mountains to provide excellent skiing and ice skating for those who love to remain active during the colder months. With all quintessential activities you must experience offered, Kiruna will give you an experience you will remember for lifetime.