Chocolatexture by Nendo

Showcasing an imaginative fusion of innovative design and intrepid cocoa manipulation, the Japanese design firm Nendo have invented a compelling new project for the Maison & Objet 2015 tradeshow.

The aptly named Chocolatexture concept demonstrates an imaginative and contemporary distortion of the sweet’s visual texture, with Nendo considering how this may alter the taste of the artistic delicacy. The firm has introduced a new take on altering the visual components and textures of chocolate, inspired by the changes made to longer-lasting materials such as wood, and how this modification can allow the substance to take on a particular form.

A single set contains nine distinctly unique cubes crafted from identical raw materials. These exquisite shapes alone are a factor Nendo considers will affect the taste of each treat. Forged within the cubic size 26x26x26mm, the molded chocolates feature a range of forms, from hollow interiors and curved edges to rough textures with pointed tips.

Each individual piece of chocolate in Chocolatexture has been fittingly named after Japanese expressions used to depict texture:

“tubu-tubu” – Chunks of smaller chocolate drops.

“sube-sube” – Smooth edges and corners.

“zara-zara” – Granular like a file.

“toge-toge” – Sharp pointed tips.

“goro-goro” – Fourteen connected small cubes.

“fuwa-fuwa” – Soft and airy with many tiny holes.

“poki-poki” – A cube frame made of chocolate sticks.

“suka-suka” – A hollow cube with thin walls.

“zaku-zaku” – Alternately placed thin chocolate rods forming a cube.

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