Chocolate Paint Swatches by Nendo

In keeping with the theme of Easter treats, this week premium design company Nendo offer a modern approach to premium chocolate shopping.

Recognised for having an imaginative fusion of innovative design alongside their intrepid cocoa manipulation, the Japanese design firm, Nendo, have created and set up a chocolate shop in Tokyo to mirror an ultra sleek & contemporary studio.

“The shop design creates a seamless transition between the store space, the packaging and the act of eating the chocolates, offering an organic, compelling experience.”

The chocolate bars are exhibited in a transparent chest of drawers displayed like paint swatches arranged within a perspex case that runs through the centre of the narrow space. Customers can pull out the drawers to select their preferred flavour from a vast assortment of deliciously tantalizing (yet slightly questionable) flavours, such as strawberry, pepper, lemon, passionfruit & basil. Towards the back of the store the white interior is reversed where a dark café is provided for customers to sample their chocolates with a coffee, offering the ultimate tasting experience.