Cara and the Chocolate Factory

It’s all very the Harajuku Girls meets Willy Wonka in LOVE Magazine’s latest photoshoot Sweetie starring our candy crush Cara Delevigne.

The 21 year old LOVE regular appeared to be in her element on set of the delightfully ridiculous shoot, which was styled by Phoebe Arnold and shot by Liz Collins. Vivacious Cara wore playful designs by Missoni, Polo Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith and Proenza Schouler as she rolled around on a floor littered with sweets, toys, Tim Walker-like blow up candy props and handfuls of designer bags…sounds like hard work to us!

The shoot is everything that you could possibly want and imagine from the product of a LOVE and Cara Delevigne collaboration.  It is almost as if editor Katie Grand woke up one morning after a bizarre dream and decided that it would be a wonderful idea to try and turn it into a reality. As far as fashion photography goes, the shoot has the ability to completely remove the observer from everyday life and transport them to this fantasy world of candy and fashion, however stare at the images for too long and you may start to feel nauseous.

To add to all of the fun, LOVE Magazine did not just stop at a photoshoot, they have released an even absurder music video entitled Caraoke  and this is definitely the cherry on top! Cara, almost unrecogisable in a green wig, lies on a bed of sherbet flying sauces as she mimes along to Ll Cool J’s 2006 hit Control Myself. As she indulges in a candy induced sing-a-long, retro animated game console figures pop up on screen and  if you don’t know how the song goes, fear not as the lyrics pop up on the screen in both English and Japanese!