Buffalo Shrimp Tostadas

Always bringing us quick recipes for ‘creative home cooking’,  foodie and blogger Bev introduces simple appetisers for gourmet snacks in this week’s Bev Cooks. Perfect to serve during a summer garden party, this week’s dish is Buffalo Shrimp Tostadas for a fresh and easy take on healthy snacking.

Inspiring readers with her delicious recipes, beautiful photography and comical writing, Bev produces simple step by step recipes with some handy tips and hints to create gourmet home cooking – always combining mouth watering flavours and classic ingredients.

This week’s Buffalo Shrimp Tostadas makes use of light ingredients such as crispy tortillas, shredded lettuce and lime wedges making it perfect for the summer, and combines a hint of Monterey Jack and crumbled blue cheese for a delicious taste of culinary heaven.  Marinating the shrimp in buffalo sauce to add an extra zest of flavour, this dish is guaranteed to be a favourite at any gathering.

Simply follow the recipe below to try out your own…. | @JulesBOnline