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British Fashion Award Nominees 2015

The British Fashion Awards: a prestigious ceremony attended by designers, celebrities and models – all the darlings of the fashion world. Born in 1989, the BFA’s have become a hugely popular event in which members of the British Fashion Council and other respected people in the industry vote for who they want to win awards dedicated to achievements in varied aspects of fashion.

Last year, the ceremony saw Cara Delevigne win Model of the Year, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson obtain the British Style Award and
Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, receive the Outstanding Achievement Award for her long-standing service to the industry. Before his unfortunate death, Lee Alexander McQueen had taken the fashion world by storm and won Designer of the Year Award on four separate occasions.

For 2015, we see some new, exciting entrees and also designers and models who have been nominated before. Let’s have a look at this years round up…