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Bonfire Night

The first winter milestone, Halloween, has finished and our second has crept up on us quickly- Bonfire Night! A family affair, Bonfire Night marks the beginning of the Christmas period for many.  Adverts have already started appearing on the television and it has suddenly dawned upon us that we need to make a start on our Christmas shopping. We can safely say that the cold weather has descended, and this historic night is a chance to show off your new winter wardrobe or dust off some trusty old pieces.

While the main features of this traditional British event are firework displays and bonfires (obviously), we need to make sure we remain warm, comfortable and stylish. Bonfire Night is all about layers, chunky boots and cozy coats. While a lot of us will likely be in some soggy, muddy field in the countryside somewhere, the majority of cities have spectacular firework displays as well. Check out our edit of fashionable essentials for the 5th of November.


One of the most important things to remember when planning your Bonfire Night festivities is a warm coat. Yes, fireworks play a part but you will probably be standing outside in the cold for a few hours, so choosing the correct outerwear piece is essential. Whether its a padded puffa or thick shearling, make sure your coat is a long fit and optimum warmth, with a high collar to protect the neck.

Head Gear

Whether you want to don a sharp structured fedora, cosy fitted bobble hat or adorable ear muffs, winter head gear doesn’t just have to be functional. Have fun picking and chosing the colour of your fur pom pom with hats by Bobbl!


Scarves come in many shapes and sizes; fur stoles, traditional wool numbers or long shaggy pieces. Whatever style you go for, the scarf is a must-have winter accessory that can give your outfit a playful, colourful boost.


Roll necks are usually a good idea for an occasion such as Bonfire Night, but round or v- neck jumpers will suffice- as long as you have a scarf to stop the chill from getting to your neck. This fabulous star jumper from 360 Cashmere is a perfect option for Bonfire Night!


Footwear is a tough one for Bonfire Night, as a lot of people congregate in countryside venues and will be marching around muddy fields for the evening. Wellington boots are an obvious choice for this kind of celebration, but essentially, we just need footwear to be comfortable. Think chunky soles and boots- all variations!

So there you have it, all your style essentials for a night filled with firework displays, good food and of course, a bonfire or two.

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