Bento Boom

There is a new food trend on the market that is taking primary schools by storm, Bento lunches. Traditionally, Bento is a Japanese cuisine that is created from sushi rice, meat and fish which are turned into novelty characters and scenarios. However, the UK’s take on Bento lunches is healthy snack sized food cut, pushed and drawn on to make similar novelty themes.

‘Bento’ is translated to ‘convenient’, although these lunches will take a little longer to prepare than your normal lunchbox, the novelty of Bento is a fun way of getting young fussy eaters to eat healthy food.

Some may feel encouraging healthy eating and a varied diet to their young children is somewhat easier said than done. However, with Bento lunches you can promote a varied balanced diet by getting creative and making lunch time something to look forward to. Websites and blogs share ideas, inspiration and tips on how to create your very own healthy Bento box with time, money and design in mind.

  • Diana
    September 28, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    Supert cute food desight …I love to have one or where can I buy these ????

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