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Set out to make the best watch in the world. Apple finally revealed the tech worst kept secret, the Apple Watch after the announcement of the iPhone 6 and 6+. Apple has taken this project as a diversification into the world of fashion with the former Burberry CEO, Angel Ahrendts, recruited by Apple to help their fashion team create wearable tech people would actually want to wear. Set to be released in spring 2015, will the Apple Watch set the wearable trend in the fashion industry?

‘All watches tell time. This one helps you make the most of it.’

Will Apple be able to succeed in blending the boundaries between design, function and fashion together?

Will the fashion world embrace this smartest of watches?

From a fashion point of view, the external aesthetic seemed neutral: neither super-stylish nor repellent. However, we won’t find out if the trend catches on among the masses until early 2015. The innovative watch features many apps like an iPhone which could be even more confusing for non-digital specialists, although it is a different location and a new way to experience apps, including new innovative features, such as:

  • Health care and fitness

– Workout – goals, reminders, achievements

– Activity – move, exercise, stands

– Track your progress- link the app to your iPhone for a long-term review of your improvements

  • Messages

– Sketch- to draw a quick fun picture

                    – Heartbeat- the current beat of your heart

                    – Walkie-talkie- short quick messages alternative to a phone call

                    – Tap- to let your closest friends know you’re thinking of them by giving them a little buzz to the wrist.

  • Apple pay

 Your wallet without the wallet- a fast, easy, secure way to pay

To try suit everyone’s style and wrist size, Apple are going to release 2 interface sizes with the option from 3 collections to attempt to make it personalised to suit your sense of style and lifestyle. The 3 collections announced are:

    • Standard (stainless steel chassis)
    • Sports (aluminum chassis)
  • Edition (18 karat gold chassis which has been “formulated for hardness”)

Each collection has a variety of different wristbands styles, materials and colours which can be personally selected best to suit you and your individual style. The display can also be customized, either showing the time digitally, a traditional watch with hands or an image of your choice. To keep up with the seasonal trends, the fashion-forward wearer can change the wristband and interface as often as fast-fashion.

Wearable technology was the “topic of the moment” at New York Fashion Week. However even the most compelling wearables haven’t hit the market yet, the Apple Watch may be the breakthrough..? Lea Goldman, features and special projects reporter for Marie Claire stated “This is just the beginning. How long before there is a partnership with Marc Jacobs and Valentino to do more sophisticated faces?”

“The two other wearable devices introduced this week at New York Fashion Week – the Samsung Galaxy S and the Intel/Opening Ceremony MICA – look like big bangles in comparison [to Apple Watch]: they have much larger rectangular curved screens embedded in hard plastic, or snakeskin-covered plastic, bands.” Already there is competition for wearable technology which has already debuted, as well as premium classic brands such as Rolex.

The question is… do we really want to spend significant amounts of time with our faces buried in our smartwatches?

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