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5 Ways to say ‘Thank You’ this Mother’s Day

Our mums do so much for us and we’re always thankful for their love and support, but Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile and show your Mum how much you appreciate her. A card and gift is a great place to start, but why not try some of the below ideas to make her feel extra special?

Serve breakfast

Photo by Rachel Park on Unsplash

Everyone enjoys breakfast in bed, but your mum probably doesn’t get the opportunity to sit back and relax as often as she’d like! Make an effort this Mother’s Day by serving her a special breakfast, whether her favourite is a Full English, poached eggs or a simple bowl of porridge. For a really special finishing touch, add a glass of fizz to start her day off in luxury.

Spend the day together

To show your mum how much you love and cherish her, plan a day out together and spend some quality time with one another. Whether you enjoy a Sunday brunch together, go for a country walk or simply catch up over coffee, there are plenty of ways to remind your mum how much you value her and love her company. You could even arrange for the whole family to get together and enjoy a meal or weekend away.

Make a personalised gift

Your mum is sure to appreciate the perfect gift, but to go the extra mile you could also create something personalised for her this Mother’s Day. A heartfelt letter or poem thanking mum for all she’s done over the years is sure to tug at her heartstrings, or if you’re not the overly sentimental type, you could put your time into a handcrafted gift such as a cushion or homemade cake.

Throw a tea party

Why not get the family together and throw your mum a tea party this Mother’s Day? Mums with a sweet tooth will love this decadent treat and it’s the perfect way make a day spent at home that extra bit memorable. Create your own spread of homemade cakes, biscuits and teas for mum to enjoy, or simply shop all her favourites for a simple yet thoughtful gift experience.

Take care of Mum’s to-do list

One way to show your mum you care this Mother’s Day is to give her a helping hand so she really can put her feet up. As the weekend approaches, take care of the jobs she’d usually have on her to-do list so that when Sunday comes around she’s free to relax. Even if this is just small things like washing up, helping with laundry or picking up the weekly food shop, your mum is sure to appreciate the offer of help.