Dr Vranjes Firenze Melograno 3000g Decorative Candle

  • £226

The Dr Vranjes Melograno candle combines the finest quality wax and essences to create a relaxing scent that will lift the mood in your home. World-renowned perfumers Dr Vranjes Firenze have added these luxury candles to their range after years of research and development, and have created a distinctive product with its octagonal shape, inspired by Brunelleschi's Duomo in Florence. Each vase is crafted from hand-blown glass and is finished with a hand-painted exterior and branding to make a statement in your home. This large, statement 3000g Melograno candle is presented in a beautiful red vase, has eight wicks and offers a sweet, fruity fragrance inspired by the flavour of pomegranate seeds.

* Please note: Dr. Vranjes items are not available outside of the EEA.

  • Melograno scented candle
  • Large size
  • Opaque hand-painted vase crafted from hand-blown glass
  • Distinctive octagonal shape, inspired by Brunelleschi's Duomo in Florence
  • Branding to front
  • Sweet, fruity fragrance
  • Eight wicks
  • Finest quality wax and essences with no added solvents and preservatives
  • Sweet watermelon notes with hints of jasmine, rose, bergamot and red grape
  • Relaxing scent perfect to purify the air and rebalance the mood
  • 3000g
  • Measures W17.5cm x H24cm

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