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Chie Mihara

The Chie Mihara Autumn/Winter ’14 collection takes inspiration from a complementary mix of fun and creative sources. The statement shapes distinctly reference the ‘Sixties mods and ‘Seventies funk’ era whilst the playful details allude to a variety of kitsch Disney cartoons. Complete with bows, hearts and Dalmatian prints throughout, the label’s quirky aesthetic once again forms a visually striking collection. Brand guide >>>

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4 Items found |  View All
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Chie Mihara launched her shoe line in Elda, Spain, in January 2002 in order to offer women something different - designer footwear by women for women, with a distinct priority placed on both style and comfort.

"We're mothers, workers-all of us women!" she said, "and we should have shoes that will match our needs. We want to look feminine, beautiful, attractive but without giving up comfort".

Drawing on vintage influences ranging from 1930's feminity to 1980's humour, Chie Mihara shoes began taking details from the past and reworking them to reflect contemporary aesthetics and modern fashion. Her distinctive women's footwear quickly gained a following devoted to the label's unique approach to function with fashion. Browse & buy Chie Mihara shoes online today...