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Sam Edelman Womenswear

Combining on-trend prints, dark neutrals and embellishment, the Sam Edelman Autumn/Winter 14 footwear collection is both contemporary and impactful. Whilst the form of each shoe is classic and functional, the designs are progressive and edgy. Studding, metallic finishes and a darker palette pave the way for the new season. Brand guide >>>

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18 Items found |  View All
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Sam Edelman has been a dominant force in the fashion world over the past 30 years. Making an ingrained impact on some of the most renowned contemporary footwear brands, Edelman has contributed to companies including Ralph Lauren Corporartion and the Kenneth Cole Productions, which he co-founded. Launching his first company in 1987 called Sam & Libby, with his wife Libby Edelman, this proved to be the platform he needed to carve out a successful career in shoe design. 

Never fully turning his back on the footwear industry, Edelman came out of retirement after having noticed a gap in the market for runway inspired trends at an accessible price point. He then launched the Sam Edelman brand in 2004 and since then, the brand has grown from strength to strength, featuring in many of the leading fashion magazines amongst more. Browse & buy Sam Edelman shoes online today...