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Jeffery-West Menswear

Jeffery West creates edgy, luxurious shoes for the true modern gent this Autumn/Winter ‘14; taking inspiration from twentieth century subculture and music merged with traditional British style. Many designs include notes of wit and rebellion inspired by many of their heroes from past and present. Treading a line between respectability and rascality, this season Jeffery-West has continued their renowned gothic theme of rich, dark and dramatic colours throughout the collections. Brand guide >>>

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25 Items found |  View All
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From the historical shoe making town of Northampton, two childhood friends Mark Jeffery and Guy West began their first shoe making business together at the mere ages of 16. Jeffery’s father ran a shoe factory in the town and the two of them would often buy the rejects and end of the lines from the factory, customise them and sell them on.

From those early stages of production began an innovative, exciting new business and in 1987 the brand Jeffery-West was established. The brand created a look that was slicker and sharper than anything else being produced at the time and the accents of traditional craftsmanship and quality have been recognised from the flow through every collection since.

Taking inspiration from Gothic and Victorian Gothic Revival architecture as well as twentieth century subcultures and pop cultures, Jeffery-West is the luxurious and edgy shoe brand made for the modern and stylish gentleman. Browse & buy Jeffery-West shoes online today...