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Geox Menswear

Geox shoes are a breakthrough of innovation and technology in the footwear industry and are a first choice for comfort and style. This collection from Geox offers an injection of modern appeal to the classic loafer as well as leather trainers and suede boots for men on the go.  Brand guide >>>

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3 Items found |  View All
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Moretti Polegato is the innovative designer behind the practical Italian footwear brand Geox. His discovery for creativity and footwear design all came from a walk he took whilst on a business trip in Nevada. During this inspired stroll, Mario became uncomfortable and bothered by his overheated feet which were clad in rubber-soled shoes so he decided to puncture holes into each sole to let the air through. This instinctive decision was a simple yet effective discovery which led him to develop his idea of the first “breathable shoe” in a workshop of a small footwear company owned by his family and from then on the rest is history.

The Geox brand is proud in delivering the highest quality in footwear products to all ages and genders making them a one of a kind family brand on the market.

A leader in the practically versatile and fashion footwear industry, Geox offer footwear from three different product areas which are the classic range, casual range and fashion range, which all boast Italian style and technology with a unique blend of fashion and functionality.

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