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2nd Day

Danish brand 2nd Day is the diffusion line from Day Birger et Mikkelsen. The striking spring/summer '14 collection offers a heavy dose of abstract prints throughout, inspired by natural materials and minerals. Showcasing a range of natural hues and asymmetric cuts, this season offers subtle innovation on everyday separates. Brand guide >>>

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Red Harbie Top
£124.99 £62.50
£139.94 £69.97
Grey Torn Dress
£188.99 £75.60
Black Shu Dress
£189.99 £76.00
£168.99 £67.60
Multi Torn Top
£154.99 £77.50
46 Items found |  View All
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Danish brand DAY Birger et Mikkelsen was founded in 1997 by designer Keld Mikkelsen who, inspired by his world travels, created a collection which blends a distinct Scandinavian style with contemporary vintage-inspired glamour. DAY Birger et Mikkelsen focuses on fine tailoring, fabrics and detailed embellishment, whilst also being influenced by Asian prints, patterns, edgings and trimmings.

The clothing is brought to life through creativity and individuality, appealing to the urban and bohemian by taking classics and reworking them to become their own distinctive style. The brand is growing rapidly and now with two Danish flagship stores and points of sale in more than a thousand stores in 25 countries, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen is becoming a must have in the wardrobes of the style conscious globally.

2nd Day women's range brings an edge to it's minimalistic style, combining it with city chic. The neutral palettes and soft feminine fabrics are complimented by the alluring drapings which add an understated elegance to the overall collections. These easy to wear pieces are inspired by the modern woman, taking you from daytime chic to evening simplicity and glamour.

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